Meghan McCain Just Torched All "Trump-Hating" Feminists With One Brutal Tweet

What’s happening in Afghanistan is despicable.


We’re hearing that women – “civil rights activists,” are being beaten and killed, and Pudding Brain Biden and his party of “women champions” are stone-cold quiet.

Well, except when Pelosi says dumb things like “we’ll be watching you….”

Yeah, the Taliban is shaking in their boots when a 165-year-old gin-soaked woman issues a “warning” like that.

Give me a break.

But what you don’t see is an outpouring of feminists online, or any of them taking to the streets to protest for these women, do you?

And what about all the celebrities?

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Where the heck is Megan Rapinoe, by the way?

She’s not on her soapbox now, is she?

No, none of them are.

But you’ll see those same women slap on their pussy hats and protest Trump or the high cost of tampons like it’s the Suffrage movement all over again.

These shallow, attention-seeking activists know NOTHING about oppression or suffering. Today’s liberal feminists are nothing but spoiled-rotten brats.

And they won’t dare say anything now, because it’s not “politically advantageous” for them to pile on and make things worse for Dementia Joe.

Well, I’ll tell you one person who doesn’t care about any of that – Meghan McCain.

Now, I may not be a fan of hers, but when I saw this tweet she put out, I had to smile, because she’s 100 percent right – and boy, is she mad…


And good on her for calling out the worthless, phony hypocrites.

Here’s what she said:

Lots of you ladies out there who have been raging about women’s rights and wearing your pussy hats under the “oppressive” Trump regime are awfully silent about the Afghan women right now… We see it. We clock it. Hypocrites.


Good for Megan.

She’s taking a lot of heat right now from all those angry hypocrites, but she did the right thing by sing what she did.


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