Michigan Woman Pleads Guilty After Being Caught Using 'Rent-A-Hitman' Website To Off Ex-husband

In connection with a murder-for-hire scheme that was exposed due to a fictitious, satirical website called “Rent-A-Hitman,” a Michigan woman has pled guilty and faces up to nine years in prison. She was arrested in November and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

According to a press release from Michigan State Police, the 52-year-old lady, Wendy Lynn Wein of South Rockford, attempted to solicit the murder of her ex husband on July 17, 2020, by using the fictitious website “Rent-A-Hitman.”


Wein used a fictitious identity to contact the website, which purports to send hitmen to “fix issues,” but she included further genuine information at the conclusion of her “service request,” leading the company’s administrator to notify MSP, according to the statement.

Because Wein specifically identified her ex-husband as the source of her difficulties, the website’s owner was afraid that Wein was intending to murder her ex-husband.

Following that, the MSP Monroe Post, which led to the meeting of Wein in her hometown by an undercover state trooper masquerading as a hitman, launched an investigation, according to the statement.

On their first encounter, Wein offered to pay the undercover state trooper $5,000 to kill her ex-husband, who lived in another state, and supplied him with a $200 down payment to cover travel costs. He agreed. According to a report by FOX 2 Detroit, Wein also provided the investigator with her ex-home husband’s address, job address, and work schedule, among other things.


Wein was arraigned in the First District Court on July 21, 2020, where she was charged with solicitation to commit murder as well as unauthorized use of a computer to support a crime, according to a press statement from the Minnesota State Police.

On Friday, she entered a guilty plea to both counts and will appear in court again on January 13, 2022, according to Fox 2 Detroit. They will sentence her the following year.

According to police, the proprietor of the bogus website www.rentahitman.com has been approached multiple times by persons who have requested murders, school shootings, and even the kidnapping of a baby since he launched the site in 2005.

According to the statement, he says that the website has been responsible to prevent over 130 killings since he forwards all inquiries to the Metropolitan Police Department.



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