Migration Crisis: Blow the Whistle on Biden’s Border Lies

Asylum-seeking migrants from Central America, walk across the Paso del Norte International border bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico March 23, 2021. (Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters)

Help us call out his denials and distortions.

Politics isn’t a particularly honest business, but still, the mendacity about the border crisis is off the charts.

It’s been astonishing — and maddening — to watch Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas say the Trump policy was to turn away kids and abandon them in the desert.

There is no way that he doesn’t know that this is false, and indeed when called on it by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday last weekend, he didn’t push back.

Yet, President Biden repeated the same line at his press conference Thursday, and took it to another level by saying that kids were left to starve in the desert.

Starve in the desert! What kind of monsters does he think U.S. Border Patrol agents are?

If you’ve been reading NR, you know not only that this is wrong, but specifically how and why it’s wrong.

And that, I suggest, is another reason that you should consider giving to NR’s fundraising drive.

I know I’m interrupting this anti-cancellation-focused drive with an entirely different topic.

Of course, we are still all over the ongoing illiberal frenzy in this country, and if you doubt it, check out this excellent report by my colleague Ryan Mills, “Lincoln Project Smears Georgia Lawmaker as Racist, Whips Up Social-Media Mob to Get Him Fired.”

But the border is top of mind for me right now.

We warned right after the election, “Joe Biden shouldn’t want to begin his administration with a renewed migrant crisis at the border, but that’s what his priorities risk creating.”

We’ve excoriated the Biden team for denying that the crisis is a crisis.

And to get on the record, in extensive detail, what worked at the border in the Trump administration and why it’s foolish to throw it away, I wrote this more-than-5,000-word report.

Someone should have written this kind of piece long ago, but one thing I’ve learned being in this business for some time now is that the most unreported story is the story of a GOP success.

This was an important one, and it’s not only being ignored, it’s being lied about.

No, the Trump administration didn’t send kids into the desert — it returned them to their home countries.

No, it didn’t dismantle our immigration system — it found an approach at the border that worked.

No, it didn’t irresponsibly close shelters at the border — it shut down surge facilities when they were no longer needed, and under intense political pressure from the Democrats.

The reflex to ignore and distort reality on this issue is incredibly strong, and we’ve called it out, over and over.

This kind of content — unsparing, well-informed, and utterly reliable — is, I submit, why National Review is so important.

We care enough to really dig in on fraught issues like this and to get it right.

It’s one of the reasons, I hope, you read us, and one of the reasons I urge you to give to our latest drive, whether it’s $2,500 or $25.

We want our work and our message to spread far and wide, but we aren’t doing clickbait and have always relied on our readers to chip in to help keep our enterprise afloat.

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I can’t tell you how inspiring that is, and how grateful we are. But we are hoping to get a last kick here to make our goal.

It will support, among other things, what we’ve been doing over the last couple of months — and will keep doing — to blow the whistle on the Biden team’s border lies.


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