Mike Huckabee Just Made The Most Honest Common Sense Argument on Why Nobody Should Vote For Joe

Mike Huckabee always has a talent for taking a complicated situation and simplifying it.

Like this years election.

For some this might be a tough decision, but according to Huckabee the solution is quite simple when you look at the facts.


Huckabee recently wrote an op-ed for The Western Journal, where he broke down why Biden is a terrible candidate with one simple statement:

“Biden Hasn’t Done Anything To Help Your Family in 47 Years, Year 48 Will Be No Different”

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It really doesn’t get more simple then that.

From Western Journal

Joe Biden has been painted as the kindly old Uncle Joe, a bit rattled and unsure of where he was and what he was even running for and utterly confused about issues, since he’s taken both sides of many of them just in this campaign, like taxes, frackingfor gas and oil, foreign policy, shutting down travel from China in the early days of the virus, and even whether your tax dollars ought to fund abortions.

But he’s not Mr. Rogers! He challenged a veteran to a fistfight, called a voter a lying, dog-faced pony soldier, and uttered an unspeakable expletive into a microphone he didn’t know was live when he told President Obama how great Obamacare was.

In his 47 years in Washington can you name something he has done that made your family safer, your business more prosperous, or the world more secure? He wants us to believe that year 48 will be the one when he’ll show up with great ideas that he’s kept in his basement for the past 47.

The only job he’s ever had since he was in his 20s was a government job and he’s 77 years old. Yet somehow in the two years after leaving the office of vice president, he made $16 million dollars. Too bad he didn’t tell the rest of us how to do that.

He’s 100% right.

Why should we as Americans vote for a man that’s been in our government for 47 years and has accomplished nearly nothing

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