Mike Lindell Explains Why He’s “Thrilled’ That Dominion is Suing Him

If there’s one thing Mike Lindell is, it’s a fighter and even though discussions of voter fraud have faded away, Lindell is still willing to fight.


Dominion voting systems, which Lindell thinks was up to no good in 2020, are suing Mike — and honestly, he couldn’t be more thrilled!

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Why is that you ask?

Well because by suing him, Dominion has put the spotlight back on themselves.

From RT

Lindell has alleged the election was rigged in Joe Biden’s favor through Dominion and other voting software systems through not only interviews, but also a two-hour documentary titled ‘Absolute Proof’, which aired earlier this month. He was previously booted from Twitter for his refusal to back down on his election fraud beliefs.

“I’m very happy that they finally got that suit filed,” Lindell told CNBC of Dominion’s lawsuit. He previously invited one from the company multiple times and even to sue them earlier this month “for the American people” as a way to keep the discussion about alleged election fraud going.

“My message to Dominion is thank you for finally getting this done, because it’ll be back in the limelight now,” Lindell said.

Dominion is now suing Lindell for defamation, seeking $1.3 billion in damages.

“MyPillow’s defamatory marketing campaign – with promo codes like ‘FightforTrump’, ‘45’, ‘Proof’, and ‘QAnon’ – has increased MyPillow sales by 30-40 percent and continues duping people into redirecting their election-lie outrage into pillow purchases,” the lawsuit claims.

Lindell fired back at the lawsuit and said “it’s been cancel culture for MyPillow” as his outspokenness has led to 22 retailers dropping his popular products from their stores.


Whether you agree with Mike’s election narrative or not, this leftist “cancel culture” in America must stop.

This is the most anti-Ameican thing I’ve ever seen.

Let consumers decide if they want or don’t want to buy something.

Stop removing products based on “feelings” and “politics,” and some twisted moral obligation that you have to “police” the public.  It’s insane.

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