Mike Shares Much-Needed Advice...His Latest Tweet is Like "Chicken Soup For The Canceled Soul" 

We are dealing with some very crazy and trying times.


I woke up this morning to discover that Joe Biden is treating Dr. Seuss like “public enemy #1.”


This cancel culture is so toxic and poisonous – and despite what they say, it’s not about doing better, or being more “inclusive.”

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It’s about power and control. It’s the same as Communist Gestapo’s (or ISIS) storming into a city and crushing all the statues they don’t like and burning all the books they don’t approve of – all in the name of ” being better people.”

It’s total nonsense, and I can’t believe we’re all just sitting back allowing this to go on.

If “Bed Bath and Beyond” removes Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow” from their shelves, it’s your duty to call or write an email and tell them that you will now cancel them out of your consumer life because a store that sells duvets and toilet plungers has no business getting involved in politics…and you stick to your guns.

And you do it over and over and over again until companies like “Coke,” and “Bed Bath and Beyond” get the message loud and clear and stop pushing liberal politics.

Consumer demand will decide what products should be on the shelves, not progressive and “woke” CEOs.

And the kicker in all of this is that the “cancel culture” group is the minority.

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Honestly, there aren’t that many of them. It’s just that they’re very loud and they have a platform.

These “woke” communists call everyone names, and they try and cancel us, they even take away Dr. Seuss – and we’re letting them.


Here’s what Mike said: “We’ve been called all kinds of names. They try to cancel us. The New York Times even called me the “worst Secretary of State in history.” I wear it as a badge of honor. I will never stop speaking the truth and fighting to defend our freedoms. Neither should you.”


The same reason we allow cancel culture to rule and destroy this country is the same reason we put up with tyrannical lockdowns and mass mandates – we’re complacent and too polite and keep thinking if we just go along with it for a “while” things will get better and go back to normal.

Well, I am here to tell you that won’t happen. IT WON’T HAPPEN.


This is a power grab, and we’re making it so easy for these people to take the power. We’re handing it over willingly because we don’t want to cause a “ruckus.”

It’s a loser game plan, that will end in utter disaster.


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