More Americans Are Claiming Unemployment Benefits Than Are Unemployed!!

Researchers wrote the following: “The specifics of the CARES Act allow people to receive benefits so that they do not have to report to work if their health conditions make it too dangerous. In such cases, the beneficiary is not technically unemployed, as there is no active job search. But benefits are still received through the unemployment insurance program of the person’s respective state.”


There is a significant issue when unemployment pays substantially more than most minimum wage/low wage jobs.

I remember the complaints from co-workers that people laid off were making twice what they made in a month doing absolutely nothing.

I understand the need to keep families and people afloat, but there has to be a better way.

Considering that Congress and all the liberal governors wanted to hand out unemployment benefits to gig workers, it makes sense.

Your dog walker, Uber driver, babysitter, eBay seller all qualified for unemployment benefits. We’ve already seen numerous cases of fraud totaling millions. Just think how many more there are that haven’t been caught. Our country is becoming nothing but a nation of panhandlers led by the democratic party.

I’ve seen it happen personally with a friend who is abusing the system. They worked as a gas station attendant at a big box store and claimed that working inside a sealed booth with no access to customers outside except through a speaker grill was too unhealthy and dangerous, so he refused to work.

He was collecting nearly $1200 a week for his minimum wage part-time job; he would have otherwise gotten around $400. From his view, there were zero reasons to find a job when he could sit at home and early 3X the normal amount. He was quite upset when the subsidy ended in July.

He doesn’t feel it is fair he should have to look for work when he was in such a hazardous and dangerous condition. He is going for permanent liability and trying to sue his employer for those dangerous conditions he claimed.

All this is due to federal government intervention, overdone, wasteful, and full of fraud. Is there any check and balance system in place to confirm that someone actually has a health issue that makes them more at risk for Covid? Are those who are drawing also drawing PTO, ESB, or disability insurance? This is why we mustn’t just throw money at problems without knowing where and how it will be properly used.


We can’t sustain this. China knows exactly what to do, like what we did to the former USSR. It’s just a matter of time when the USA runs out of credit. Our country used to be based on self-reliance and personal integrity. Today it’s just what you can get away with. Advertising firms use the words “what you deserve.” We have more takers than makers, and our “generous” politicians will never allow us to the right of this course.

This is the problem with programs like the CARES ACT when you allow programs that say some people must work in order to keep society fed, closed the lights on, lawn mowed, and medical care, then you allow other people to decide on it’s too risky for me I’ll take the check. End these programs now.

So once again, hard-working Americans having to pay for deadbeats to sit at home and do nothing! Get off your fat backsides and get a job! Stop relying on others for your livelihood. You should be embarrassed.



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