MSNBC Guest Claims NBA Player "Arm Jab" Hesitancy Is Hurting The Black Community

Just earlier, I posted a story about a young man who explained why Black Americans were being hesitant regarding getting the C-Jab (I have to be careful about how I write about, you know what).

Former ESPN employee Jemele Hill decided to call out NBA Basketball star Kyrie Irving, who has not received the C-Jab.

But according to Hill, the cost of refusing the vaccine will be more than just financial for Irving.

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Hill told Nicole Wallace on MSNBC, “Because Kyrie is such a thoughtful person, I want him to look at the bigger picture here. The bigger picture is that this virus has disproportionately impacted his community.”

Irving has no more chance of spreading the virus than a fully vaccinated person. Let’s say a fully vaccinated person goes to crowded clubs, bars, or has large parties at home, but Kyrie doesn’t. The fully vaccinated person is far more likely to catch COVID and spread it. That’s common sense with any virus.

Hill continued, “He’s Native American and what the disease has done to Native American indigenous communities is just devastating. The same has happened in the African American community as well.”

“With somebody in a position of leadership and influence, he needs to think about how his message is being received by the people who look up to him, who watch him, who idolize him,” Hill continued. “Everybody that watches Kyrie Irving doesn’t have millions of dollars.”

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“He’s got to think, is he being responsible in how he’s using this platform that he’s been gifted with? And so I would love for him to see this as an opportunity to speak to the communities that he cares about and not further endanger them by holding out from these vaccinations.”

Why not just test him before every game and practice? This probably makes too much sense and goes against the government’s desire to control him. The government doesn’t want to mitigate the issue; they want blind obedience to their dogma.

I respect the move. He said he had the anti-bodies, and from what I’ve read, these offer better resistance and have longer-term resiliency. A person with conviction and character, from the looks of it, is something extremely rare today. Good for him.




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