MT Supreme Court Scandal Likely to Impeach Left-Wing Justices, Arrest By Sergeant-at-Arms is Possibility

The Montana Supreme Court is a liberal wasteland.


But that wasteland of progressive hell is about to be dismantled, thanks to a bombshell email scandal that is rocking the court.

It’s so serious, that there is actual talk of the likely impeachment of progressive justices and even some possible arrests of Supreme Court staff by the Seargent-at-Arms.

The Montanna Gazette describes the scandal this way:

A developing scandal regarding the Montana Supreme Court and their refusal to abide by information requests for their email correspondence on publicly-owned servers. But what lies under the surface of the scandal – and what is currently developing – will likely lead to the biggest news story in Montana politics in decades. Ultimately, as this saga continues, the scandal might lead to the impeachment of Supreme Court Justices and the arrest of at least one employee of the court. In the end, Governor Gianforte might be able to appoint new justices to the court, overthrowing the last liberal stronghold in the Montana state government.

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It all centers around a bill called SB140. What is SB140? Well, it’s a law that was signed by Republican Governor Greg Gianforte that states the governor has the power to appoint justices and district judges to fill vacancies, effectively ending the Judicial Nomination Commission.

Helena Independent Record stated:

The Montana Supreme Court administrator deleted the emailed results from a poll of judges seeking opinions on a law now being challenged in the Supreme Court, according to documents provided to the Montana State News Bureau….The Montana Attorney General’s Office raised the issue when it included in court filings 18 of the judges’ responses, although its unclear where the office obtained them

As you can imagine, this new law didn’t sit well with the 6 (out of 7) liberal justices, and when it came up for the challenge in the Supreme Court these supposedly “bipartisan” progressive judges turned into full-blown activists and they decided to take action.

I don’t need to tell you that this is a big no-no, but we’ve seen these liberal “activist judges” pull this same sort of thing the entire time President Trump was in the White House.

As a result of their anger over the new bill, the court went ahead and actually conducted an email/phone poll of 37 judges across the state, in order to get their position on the new bill.


Of the 37 judges who participated in the poll, 34 voiced opposition, and 3 said they supported it.

The poll was then used to determine how the Court should lobby the legislature through the Montana Judges Association.

Basically, the Supreme Court justices were so mad over this bill, that they were conducting polls to collect ammo behind the scenes to use in their ruling – which was obviously going to be against the bill that they don’t approve of.

Unthinkable to politicize a court this way – and that’s exactly what the Dems are doing right now by trying to “pack” the SCOTUS.

Montana’s AG, Austin Knudsen, got wind of the poll, and immediately “stayed the case.” He wanted to keep the court from ruling until the Supreme Court administrator could turn over the mails from the justices (that were all placed on public servers), in order to figure out who should and shouldn’t recuse themselves for bias reasons from the case.

But that didn’t happen.

The court literally ignored the AG’s orders and acted in their own liberal interests, and ruled in their own favor on the case.

But it gets worse…

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Now, as an investigation begins into these “illegal activities,” Supreme Court personnel at the center of the scandal, claim the emails (again, on public servers) were not “retained.”

Destroying evidence?

Are you starting to see what a huge scandal this actually is?

The Montana Daily Gazette reports that the ordeal is scandalous primarily and initially because the Supreme Court justices, theoretically, are to remain neutral on matters previous to public hearings and listening to the arguments officially presented. Chief Justice Mike McGrath recused himself from the case because he had personally lobbied Governor Gianforte and Lt., Governor Kristen Juras, to veto SB140. Another judge, Silver Bow County District Court Judge Kurt Krueger, also recused himself after Knudsen revealed that he had expressed his bias toward the bill in the poll, prior to hearing the arguments presented.

Meanwhile, several legislative items this session have been aimed at creating an atmosphere of honesty in the nomination and election of justices, to allow – or coerce – them to notify voters whether they lean left or right politically. Liberals, including those on the court, have repeatedly and reliably spurned those efforts, content to keep their bias in the shadows and prevent the public from knowing their presuppositional partisanship.

However, the bias of the Supreme Court Justices and their potentially illegal actions are not the only scandals, and their digging-in for the purposes of self-defense will make their situation escalate from bad to worse.

Staff working for Montana senators emailed Supreme Court Administrator, Beth McLaughlin, on Wednesday, asking to obtain the full results of their poll conducted on public servers. However, McLaughlin emailed the staff back, claiming that she did not retain records. This seems to be in clear violation of Montana law, which has codified the “right to know” in regard to record requests. That the Supreme Court does not retain its email correspondence is a transparency issue that the state’s liberal press outlets would theoretically want to correct.

This is so incredibly serious, that a select committee has been formed, and will now demand that Beth McLaughlin, the Supreme Court Administrator gather up those emails that she claims were not “retained” and appear before the committee with them.

And the committee is saying if Beth fails to do exactly that, they are ready to order the Sergeant-At-Arms to arrest her on the spot.


This is crazy, and in the end, that “progressive” court could be shaken up to the point that it’s no longer a liberal wasteland, if Governor Gianforrte gets to appoint conservative judges to replace any impeached liberal justices.

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