Mysterious Situation Unfolding Over The Last 15 Official "White House Photos" 

The Biden admin is very odd.


At every turn, something bizarre and abnormal crops up – which seems fitting, since this whole scenario feels like an episode of the “Twilight Zone.”

And it started right out of the gate with the “sham” election and flowed right into the creepy “inauguration,” and the strange “Hunger Games” scene at the US Capitol.

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We all know that Biden isn’t long for this position. It’s only a matter of time before he’s yanked out and Kamala is inserted into his place.

The thing is – the situation feels like it’s being accelerated because Joe is declining so quickly.

He’s so far gone that he can’t even deliver a State of The Union address.

But the last nail in Joe’s political coffin may have been that disastrous press conference, where he appeared so confused and out of it.


Joe had a binder full of cheat sheets and was surrounded by hand-picked “friendly” reporters asking softball questions, and he still blew it.

And let’s not forget how he referred to Kamala Harris as the “president” recently – and that was not the first time he’s done that. This guy doesn’t know what’s going on around him.

So, we all know that something is afoot.

And now, a strange situation has unfolded with the official “White House” photos…this looks to me like yet another sign that Joe isn’t long for this political world.

Journalist Raheem Kassam is the one who noticed this bizarre situation, and he posted about it on Twitter.

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According to Kassam, of the last 15 official WH photos, all 15 of them have Kamala in the pictures or some “movement” of Kamala, but only 4 photos show Joe…the supposed “president.”

Weird, right?

It certainly seems odd that the man who is supposedly the most beloved politician in the world, who received some 82+ million votes, isn’t being photographed all over the place by the official WH photographer.

I mean, if you’re THAT LOVED and ADORED, there should be an “Obama-like” frenzy surrounding you every second of that day, right?


It’s almost like they know nobody actually cares, and Joe won’t be around much longer anyway – so why “document” this temporary distant more than need be?

That’s the vibe I’m getting, anyway.


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