Nancy Pelosi is Squashing a Small American Business Owner, But S. Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Has a Plan to Save Her

Filthy rich, privileged Nancy Pelosi is using her power and position to try and kill a small American business…and it looks like she’s succeeding.

After Pelosi was busted getting her hair done in a closed salon, without a mask on, she was so humiliated for being caught red-handed breaking her own COVID rules, and being a massive elitist hypocrite, that instead of apologizing and saying “I was wrong,” she lashed out at the Salon, and claimed she was “set up.”

Instead of taking responsibility, Pelosi blamed an innocent small business for her own elitist mistake.

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Yet, this is the same woman who claims it’s President Trump who doesn’t take “responsibility” for things and instead “blames others?”

Give me a break.

Watch this:

Last night the owner of eSalon appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, where she said her business, which was already ravaged by tyrannical COVID shutdowns, is all but destroyed now, thanks to Pelosi.

Erica Kious says she’s receiving death threats, and people are calling and messaging her saying they will burn down her salon, and the reviews on Yelp have been destroyed and she now has to move out of the city she’s lived in for 12-long-years.

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But help is on the way…South Dakota superstar Governor Kristi Noem, who did not shut down her state in a tyrannical fashion, reached out to Erica on Twitter and told her that she is more than welcome to come to South Dakota, and promised her that they would never shut her business down.

Here’s what she said:

“My heart goes out to Erika. As a former female small business owner, I can only imagine how crushing these last few months have been. And now THIS!? Erika, if you want to run your salon in a state that respects Freedom and won’t shut you down, then South Dakota is open for you.”

What Nancy Pelosi is doing to this woman and her small business is exactly what the entire Democrat Party has done to every American business in a Dem-run city.

Dems are crushing American businesses to try and win back the White House…and it’s not just me saying that. Ted Cruz is saying the exact same thing today.

‘JUST THE NEWS: Sen. Ted Cruz says Pelosi, Schumer keeping economy closed to sway election”

It’s obvious what’s happening here…I guarantee you, by November 4th, the “COVID” panic will be over. This virus is being used as a political weapon – and I say this as a person who had a very serious case of COVID.


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