Nancy's Nephew Just Made A Vaccination Announcement That Will Affect All K-12 Students!

On Friday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that his state, the Golden State, would be the first state in America to require COVID-19 vaccinations for K-12 students.

No surprise here. But you almost have to ask why. Children are surprisingly resistant to COVID-19 and, when exposed, develop natural antibodies, which are more effective than those generated from the vaccine. It has been found the natural antibodies show up in the bone marrow at a very high rate, meaning they are now a part of the body’s immune system.

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Yes, a tiny percentage of children will have a horrible time if they get the virus, and of that number, a small percentage will die. Not that you want a child or anyone to die, but we cannot prevent all deaths. And in the long run, allowing them to develop natural immunities rather than getting them from the vaccine may save more lives.

Not going to be the most popular idea with many, but …

[Yahoo News] The Democratic governor said he expects the U.S. government to give that final sign-off sometime next year, bumping up from the emergency authorization given now for those 12 to 15.

He said the state will require students in kindergarten through sixth grades to get the vaccine once final federal approval comes for children 5 to 11.

“We have to do more,” Newsom said during a news conference at a San Francisco middle school after visiting with some seventh-graders. “We want to end this pandemic. We are all exhausted by it.”

A handful of school districts have imposed their own vaccine mandates, including five in California. But other states have resisted imposing pandemic rules on schools, including a new law in Kentucky that overturned a statewide mask mandate.

Newsom has been one of the most aggressive governors on coronavirus restrictions, issuing the nation’s first statewide stay-at-home order in March 2020 and more recently requiring California’s roughly 2.2 million health care workers to get vaccinated to keep their jobs.

I am sure these questions are going to appear. Will they require new shots each year? What about for each variant? Shouldn’t they wait to see the long-term effects of the shots and or if it becomes a yearly outbreak like influenza?

Just because someone doesn’t die in the 15 minutes after receiving the shot does not necessarily make it safe. At one point in time, cigarettes were considered safe. But suppose they insist on making it a requirement/mandate. In that case, they should at least remove liability protections (put the money where the mandate is if it’s so safe and effective) and start promoting the shots by saying ‘You Won’t Die,’ unless, of course, that would open them up to some liability.

There are numerous research studies published that prove masks are ineffective, but they don’t count. There are likewise research studies published showing that (a) kids don’t suffer much consequence with the China flu; (2) natural immunity is far better than the vaccine, and (3) therapeutics are now so effective that if you do get the virus you are likely to have minimal effects if you get to the doctor quickly. But of course, none of this matters to those who are ‘following the science.’

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What happened to Dr. Fauci’s directive of 70% vaccinated? Now it’s 100%? We need to defeat every Democrat this next election until they have come back to reality and the freedom-loving principles this country is based on.



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