Can You Handle The Truth? We Must Be Honest with One Another.

My colleague Charles Cooke pens a most worthwhile appeal about the infamous Mann v. National Review legal atrocity that is a threat to all — can there be a more consequential attack on our First Amendment rights now in the court system? Our webathon seeks your selfless help, your financial assistance, on this case and other fronts in the wars against our culture, our Constitution, our Founding, and our principles. National Review is at the front lines, standing alongside many (about 1,820 since we launched this effort 10 days back) who have seen fit to donate. You may be interested to know who they are, what they gave, and what if anything they had to say when they hit the DONATE button. Here, a sampling of late:

  • Karl drops $300 in the plate and notes its break from tradition: “I usually kick in about $100, but it looks to me like the stuff’s getting real and I needed to up my contribution to one of the few sensible voices to be heard amid all the noise.” More than sensible, Karl, it’s generous. Thanks.
  • Cornelius finds $100 for us, and his comment absolutely makes sense: “Free speech must be absolute to be free. The individual is and must be sovereign. Never surrender on these principles.” With you joining us in the foxhole, we ain’t never! Thanks, Cornelius.
  • Julie figures us worth a kind $200 gift, and some empathy: “I understand your weariness of this lawsuit. National Review is urgently needed now more than ever, please keep fighting.” We are not as weary as we are determined. Julie, we are in your debt.
  • Amie makes good with 15 bucks and keeps it short and sweet: “I am so grateful for National Review.” The feeling is very mutual. Many thanks, notre Amie.
  • Brian tenders a Fifty, which is accompanied by praise and lamentations: “Keep up the good work! As a lifelong Virginian I have been dismayed by the gradual slide to the left in my state. My local newspaper has become the Pravda for the new political establishment here. National Review is my lone source of thoughtful political analysis and commentary.” It will all come crashing down on their heads one day Brian, and we’ll cheer together.
  • Howard collects the loose change and sends along $100, and this thought: “I am a current digital subscriber, and I do a little extra when I can. I am increasingly concerned that National Review will soon be all we have as a forum for conservative opinion. Hang in there, folks!” Hanging, and not from the neck. Thanks, Howard.
  • Douglas contributes a nifty $100 and pledges companionship: “I utterly deplore this whole situation and can’t believe the courts let it go on and on, even the Supreme Court. I’m with you all the way.” We are honored to be in your company. Thanks, Douglas.
  • David makes with a mighty $200 and an understatement: “Hope this can help. The assaults on our liberties has been advancing at an alarming pace and the fact that this case isn’t simply put to bed is a great example. Keep pushing back and I suspect tenacity will be rewarded in the end.” Don’t “hope,” David. Know your kindness does indeed help.
  • Jennifer lays a neat Fifty on us and adds some kudos: “Thank you for your inspiring journalism and clever, rational commentary. NR podcasts keep me going on my daily two-hour dog walks in the Oregon high desert. I would hate to be without my pod friends.” God love you and the pooch too, Jennifer.

Folks, the magic pixie dust ran out a long time ago. Then there’s this: We have no Sugar Daddies or Mommas. So we’re counting on the many of you (our bounty of friends makes this a democratic, if you will, undertaking) to be part of what you in fact are already part of — the fight for our liberties. When you help NR, you help send ammo to the front. Heck, you’re bringing it there yourself. There’s no entry fee for camaraderie: If you can spare $5 or $50 or $500 or more, you are locking arms with Bill Buckley’s fortnightly, you are with us as we all stand athwart. Especially if you love or admire or respect NR, if you’ve always intended to donate but just never got around to it, if you’re conscious of the fact that you are reading NR only because others have been supportive and made this possible, then maybe — no, no maybe about it — the time has come for you to put something in the collection basket. Donate here, with our deep appreciation. You get the same when that kindness comes by check: Make it payable to “National Review” and mail it to: National Review, ATTN: Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, N.Y., 10036. Many thanks, comrade!

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