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The October 5, 2020 issue — it’s exceptional — is in the mail, and, for those with digital preferences, it’s available pronto on your favorite conservative website. If you have an NRPLUS subscription, the entire affair — including our annual special section on education — can be enjoyed. No NRPLUS membership? If you’ve yet to hit the paywall, you’ll have the opportunity to read some of the contents, hence our following recommendations (but be assured: each and every article, review, column, and item in “The Week” is well worth your attention). We start with Joel Kotkin’s cover essay on how progressivism has failed our big Blue cities (they’re likely to get even bluer), and follow that with acclaimed historian Allen Guelzo’s reflection on the “mystery” of Robert E. Lee (renowned for self-control, he in fact did not always have it). In the education special section, which includes five pieces, consider Stanley Kurtz’s critique of the push for the 1619 curriculum. NR’s beloved “Books, Arts & Manners” section remains a cultural Gibraltar — in this issue you will find James Person Jr.’s excellent review of our former colleague Rod Dreher’s new book, Live Not by Lies (the review leads smack into another David Mamet contribution, with the intriguing title of “Hamlet and Oedipus Meet the Zombies.”) A few pages on is a sweet Richard Brookhiser take on the “commute” to the Big Apple from the upstate apple orchards. We cannot resist one more suggestion: Jay Nordlinger’s warm piece on his visit with the dissident-hero, Natan Sharansky.

You can read it all right now — and have access to many years of NR’s magazine archives, and have access to all “exclusive” pieces we publish each and every day on the NR website when you become an NRPLUS member. Do that right here.

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