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National Review’s November 2, 2020, “Special Election Issue” is off the presses, heading to the mailboxes of our wonderful print subscribers, and accessible in toto this very moment for NRPLUS members. From its front to back covers, there isn’t a single page, a single word, unworthy of your reading. But we’ll recommend five pieces as a sampler for your enjoyment and edification: There’s Andrew C. McCarthy’s “Trump: Yes” piece, making the case for reelecting President Donald Trump, Hans A. von Spakovsky’s critique of new efforts by Democrats to amend the Voting Rights Act (“It will be used to achieve partisan political gains rather than prevent racial discrimination”), Benjamin Zycher’s takedown of the Biden campaign’s rebrand of the Green New Deal, Michael Brendan Dougherty’s assessment of Biden’s prolonged folly of a foreign-policy record, and Peter Tonguette’s reflection on the great author, Ray Bradbury, and his hankering for a pastoral past (tempered by the fear of a sterile future).

One more: Consider too John McCormack’s article on Iowa Senator Joni Ernst’s reelection fight. It’s a classic campaign piece. Now one last thing: Do be aware, that minus an NRPLUS membership, you’ll crash into a paywall if you try to read even half of our suggestions, which is easily remedied by subscribing, here.

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