NBA Decide One Boycott Game Is Enough To Make A Statement About Social Justice

NBA players (and other sports professionals), incredible athletes, no doubt.  But principled, moral leaders? What a joke!

The first hint of economic fallout and they’re back to doing what they’re paid to do — entertaining the rest of us (at least those of us still willing to watch).

As with many of these sensationalized incidents, there is no evidence of a racial motive in Wisconsin. It’s merely another man suffering the consequences of defying law enforcement. And here we have the root cause of the problem that Black Lives Matter intentionally ignores. Rule 1) Obey The Law; Rule 2) Obey Those Enforcing The Law.

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I’m sick of the incessant moralizing of entertainers, including professional athletes.  I don’t need them to tell me that police brutality – toward anyone, of any race, gender, etc. – is a problem and that change is needed.  If they want to make a change, they should put their money and time where their mouths are and get out there to elect politicians supportive of their policies, fund police training, and alternatives, etc.

On average, far more African Americans are murdered every WEEKEND in Chicago vs. those killed ANNUALLY at the hands of EVERY police department in all 50 states! I’m waiting for all of the self-proclaimed “Woke” folks to address a far more deadly issue that this group faces, week in and week out.

If they are serious about making a difference, why not adopt ten schools in underserved areas of the city you play, you grew up and went to college. Also, show up to mentor the kids. That would make a lasting change in Black Lives.


Sports fans should boycott professional sports until they create real change.  These entities have self-proclaimed that they will not stand for police brutality and injustice. Serious money needs and time to be committed by the big four sports leagues.

They need to be in the communities most affected by high incarceration rates, creating programs that focus not just on sports, but on building relationships with police and reducing violence.  They need to develop programs that discourage violent confrontation and put real money into defense funds for the poor so that these communities have faith in our justice system. They need to provide absolute paths for the poor to advance, more than sports programs.

Until we see this until we see these leagues and players take the above actions in poor communities in a real way, the stench of their hypocrisy should keep us all away from patronizing their business. It is a charge they have leveled on themselves. Now, they must see it through.

Whatever you think of Trump, this has been an inflammatory issue for decades, and I seem to recall similar riots during the Obama administration. Making this primarily about Trump makes just as radical as Obama zombies.

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The players should be free to speak their minds, but not on the field or the court.  We pay to see the game, not hear their opinions. And they have again taken sides out of ignorance, not knowing anything about what happened in Kenosha. The real fools in this are the idiots who support them and praise them for having “courage.” I have discovered that I do not need any of the professional sports.

Here’s an idea for those in charge, why don’t they shut it down, and then the players would have time to return for work in their communities. I am sure they would have skills needed in rebuilding the cities that have been destroyed, and they can lean on their fellow Democrat mayors and governors to improve their police department.

My unsolicited advice for Pres. Trump: Take away the entertainment tax deduction for tickets to professional sports. LeBron will become a Republican quicker than you can say three-point shot.



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