VIDEO: NBA Star Kwame Brown Shocks Everyone When He Goes Against the Mob on Rittenhouse

We’ve all known the left are not exactly the most well-informed people on the planet. This is the group of zombies who believed for 5 years that the big bad Russian boogeyman stole the 2016 election. I mean, truthfully, a majority of these people probably still believe that nonsense. It was such a far-fetched story, to begin with, and sounded like something out of a terrible spy novel. There was no proof to back up any of the allegations. The only thing the Russia Hoax had, was the mainstream media, who presented the stories as if they were “bombshell reporting,” and people bought it, hook, line, and sinker. They not only bought it, but they also went stark-raving-mad over it.


The same thing – on a lesser scale – happened with the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

Here, you literally had a case where “self-defense” was never more obvious. But right out of the gate, the media and Dems spun this fake story that Kyle was a racist Trump supporter who drove across state lines with his illegal rifle so he could kill peaceful BLM protesters.

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And that’s the totally false story Dems, and the media fed their minions for over a year.

That way, when the “not guilty” verdict came down, the left was outraged, and thought yet another “White Supremacist” just got away with it again! BLM started pushing their “rage messaging” about how the system doesn’t work and they’re victims of systemic racism in America… when in actuality, the Rittenhouse trial was the biggest case study in what justice looks like. Actually, that case should have never gone to trial.

The Rittenhouse case devolved into an all-out propaganda war, and now that he was found innocent, hopefully, Kyle will sue the media and hold them accountable for smearing his good name and trying to ruin his life. Let’s face it, the media are still powerful, but thankfully, they’re not able to fool everyone. Many people are “hip” to the game and they cut through the propaganda and get to the truth.

One of those people is former NBA player Kwame Brown, who is standing firmly by Kyle and says this was clearly self-defense and the case was turned into fake news for political reasons.



You can watch the video below:

It’s a sad day when somebody speaking the “obvious” and getting the facts straight on a story is considered “newsworthy.”

But that’s where we are right now.


It truly is an information war, and everyone out there is fair game for the left and their propaganda machine. It’s our job in the right to get the real story out and try to save as many people with facts and truth as humanly possible.

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