Neighbor Films SWAT Team Taking Down Gunman in Apartment Building Across The Street

Firstly, this is a very intense video clip and viewer discretion is highly advised – it feels like Hollywood made that “Rear Window” movie from Alfred Hitchcock.

It definitely has that vibe and that energy.


But it’s not fake, it’s very real and it’s very dramatic in every way a Hollywood action movie would be.

Here’s what happened: a young man and his girlfriend filmed a hostage scene that unfolded in the apartment across the way.

They had a perfect view of everything that went down from their window.

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The visual of this whole thing literally looks and feels like a movie…I know I keep saying that, but it really does. It’s remarkable.

Die Hard meets “Rear Window.”

Here’s what you’ll see: A bad guy is holding another person hostage with what appears to be a gun to his head, and then after a lot of flashbangs, the SWAT team storms the room and kills the gunman.

So, big warning on this for graphic scenes and violence.


You can watch the video below:

It’s absolutely stunning what is captured now on cell phone video…scenes we’d never see before this, maybe some scenes we shouldn’t see.

But it’s fascinating, even in a macabre way, to have a peek into these intense moments.


And it really shows the world exactly what police deal with on a daily basis and how darn scary and dangerous their jobs really are.

Much respect to those SWAT officers who stormed into the danger zone to take down a bad guy.

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