NeverTrumper Bill Kristol is Has Second Post-Election Meltdown After MI County Refuses to Certify Election

Bill Kristol seems to be the only liberal who’s actually paying attention to serious developments in the elections voter fraud cases.


While many on the left are literally heaving buckets of cold water on the subject and just flat out denying it’s existence, Kristol is seeing how the tide is turning and is actually showing concern.


Bill first sounded the alarm as things began to take a turn in Pennsylvania.

Check it out:

MORE NEWS: Trump-Hater Bill Kristol Has Stopped “Celebrating” The “Biden Win” And is Now Officially “Alarmed”

And now Kristol is flipping out after two republican canvassers in Michigan just stopped the election verification in Wayne County, as well as Trump’s firing of Chris Krebs.

From The Detroit News

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers deadlocked 2-2 Tuesday along party lines on whether the county’s Nov. 3 election results should be certified, delaying the conclusion of Michigan’s canvassing process as at least four state and federal lawsuits seek to do the same.

The decision was lauded by Republicans but decried by Democrats. During a public comment session, the vote was described as a targeted attack on majority-Black Detroit.

The decision came after absentee ballot poll books at 70% of Detroit’s 134 absentee counting boards were found to be out of balance without explanation. The mismatches varied anywhere from one to more than four votes.

In August, canvassers found 72% of Detroit’s absentee voting precincts didn’t match the number of ballots cast. The imbalances between August and November are not an exact comparison since August’s canvassing was based on results from 503 precincts and November’s canvassing was based on 134 counting boards.

Here’s also a bit more insight on the voter fraud claims coming out of Wayne County:

Well Bill should be alarmed.

The Dems have dug themselves a huge, fraudulent hole, and it’s going to take a lot of shovels to unbury themselves this time.

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