New Comment Policy For Our Readers - Very Important

As you know, we’ve had a comment section on our website for almost a decade now, because we believe in freedom of speech. We love seeing what you have to say about our articles, whether you enjoy them or not.

Many of you are respectable with how you respond, while others are a little more free sharing your emotions. Google and many of the Big Tech companies are panning our websites, finding your comments and disciplining our work, suppressing our work and hurting us hugely.

Due to the possibility of demonetization, we have temporarily disabled comments for all guests but we have developed a way to allow our premium members to continue commenting with your subscription.

This long-term solution allows you to openly express your opinions and enables us to continue publishing news boldly and covering themes that matter to you.

If you want to become a personal partner with us in order to assist us in continuing to publish in the face of unrelenting Big Tech onslaught, please visit our subscription page here to become monthly or yearly members of our community. Help us continue to provide you the best right-wing news opinion anywhere.

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