New Details Emerge About "Real Reason" Why Two NeverTrumpers Abruptly Quit Fox News

Never Trumper’s Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, two out-of-date, dusty old relics from the warmongering days of the GOP up and quit Fox News. They were pundits who appeared on Bret Baier’s show.


The duo says they quit over Tucker Carlson’s “Patriot Purge” special, which delves into the January 6th event and explores if the FBI was more involved than they led the public to believe. It’s called “journalism” and should be encouraged by everyone – it’s good to put other opinions and ideas out there. But actors who are part of the “regime political enterprise,” like Goldberg and Hayes, reject views that don’t align with the regime and state media, and they lash out.

The two said they were quitting Fox News over Tucker’s special and as a result, they got a lot of press. It was a big PR move but now, it’s looking like it was a stunt.

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An executive at Fox News says the two men, while under contract for another 14 months, were not going to be renewed when this contract expired. Fox News, would not keep these aging relics around, who appeal to almost nobody on the right. The only people that like them now are leftists with Stage 5 TDS.

So, it makes perfect sense they’d get the boot at the end of their contracts.

The Wrap reported that Jonah Goldberg, one of two longtime Fox News contributors who resigned in protest last week over Tucker Carlson’s falsehood-filled Fox Nation special about the Capitol riot, is calling “bulls—” on the network’s claim that it planned to drop the two conservative journalists next year.

According to a Fox News executive, the network had no intention of re-signing Steve Hayes or Jonah Goldberg when their contracts came up in 2022 — Hayes’ contract was up in May, while Goldberg’s extended to the end of next year.

So, it appears the duo jumped ship early and went out with a bang so they’d get some PR for it. If they waited until March 2022, they’d leave, and literally, nobody on earth would have known or cared.


Of course, they deny this “stunt,” as we’d expect them to.

Jonah, who was quite “offended’ at the idea he did this to get some much-needed press, said this: “This is such a bulls— defense. Did they forget to tell the first two reporters who asked for comment? Did they have a meeting 14 months before my contract was up and decide to not renew me?”

Well, if Jonah wasn’t such a narcissistic elite, he’d realize that he and his sidekick are wildly unpopular, and have outdated political opinions, and refused to move on from 90s-00s politics. That’s why the Magazine he and Hayes wrote for, “The Weekly Standard,” went out of business, and probably why Fox News had no plans of renewing them.

So, it makes perfect sense that they’d capitalize on a “big moment” when they saw it, and bonus, they could try to wound their biggest foe, Tucker Carlson.


It all backfired, especially when Tucker was asked about their leaving, and he said it was “good” and that the viewers would be “happy.”

Ain’t that the truth…

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