New Dramatic Photos Emerge of Kyle Rittenhouse "Street Brawl" Showing Him Being Overwhelmed and Pummeled by "Protesters"

New photos of the Kyle Rittenhouse “street brawl” that resulted in two people dead and one injured, shows a young teenager being overwhelmed and pummeled by BLM protesters.

These photos, along with video(s) of the altercation bring into question the left and media narrative that Kyle is a “murderer.”

MORE NEWS: New Photo Reveals “Protester” Who 17-Year-Old Kyle Rittenhouse Shot, Was Pointing a Gun at Him

Kyle was on the ground, as protesters were hitting him with skateboards and kicking him – and one protester had a gun.

You can see from the pics below how terrifying that moment must’ve been – especially since we’ve all seen what these “protesters” are capable of in terms of beating Americans in the streets.

From Daily Mail

The videos show the man with the gun stumbling and falling in the street before one pursuer took a flying kick at him, while another appeared to strike him with a skateboard.

The gunman fired three of four shots from a seated position, hitting at least two people, including one who fell over clutching his chest and another who stumbled away putting pressure on his arm, according to the videos.

As the crowd scattered, the shooter stood up and continued walking down the street as police cars arrived.

The man, who still had his gun slung across him, put up his hands and walked toward the squad cars as someone yelled at police that the man just shot someone. Several police cars drove past him toward the people who had been shot.

“Kyle Rittenhouse clearly acted in self defense. Those of us who saw the events as they unfolded knew this and now the video evidence is going viral. His pre-shooting interviews also show he was there to help protect the town, not instigate or cause trouble.”

“Honestly, I’m surprised with the discipline shown by Kyle Rittenhouse in the shooting. He was under attack by a violent mob and only ended up hitting those who were an immediate threat. Almost anyone in the same situation would have had stray bullets flying everywhere.”

Officials have charged young Kyle with “first-degree murder,” which is absurd, given the video and photo evidence that everyone can clearly see.

That charge is a “political move” designed to keep the mob at bay.

The good news is that Nick Sandmann’s big-time attorney Lin Wood has offered to represent young Kyle for free.

Notice how everything and everyone is always all about the “mob,’ and never about American citizens?

Just look at what they’re trying to do to the Armed St. Louis Couple.



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