New Evidence Comes to Light Showing Just How Much Americans Dislike Megan Rapinoe

I think it’s safe to say that Americans are not “fans” of radical progressive Megan Rapinoe.


Rapinoe is an “activist athlete.” Someone who is so selfish and narcissistic that they think whatever they believe is the “right way,” and you must be forced to believe the same way as well, like it or not – and they will spend all their time and energy shoving it down your throat.

If you turn on the TV to watch a women’s soccer match (why would anyone do that?) thinking you’ll be actually watching “soccer,” you’re wrong.

What you’ll be watching is Megan Rapinoe’s “social and political” beliefs on display, while she kicks a ball around.

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And people are just sick of it.

They are so sick of seeing these rich, spoiled athletes’ bellyache about how “oppressive” this country is – a country that gave them, and countless others, everything.

This type of “athlete activism” is ruining sports.

At home, the NBA and NFL are hemorrhaging fans because they’re all so “woke” now.

And it also has spread to the Olympics.


Megan Rapinoe led her team to humiliating defeat, but hey, at least she took a knee for “Black Lives Matter.”

And the American people have had it – and now, we’re seeing actual evidence of just how much people dislike Megan…

So much so, they’re actually ROOTING for Team USA to lose.

These two images from Facebook really say it all.

It’s two articles announcing Team USA lost their chance at a Gold medal in soccer, and in one image 34K people were gleeful, and on the other 12K people were joyous at the miserable defeat of the US team.

Here’s what journalist Melissa Chen had to say:

“The US has become polarized beyond belief. Around the world, sports and football in particular have the ability to unite entire nations. Today, many Americans are actually *happy* to see the US women’s soccer team lose out on a gold medal. What a sign of the times.”

Take a look:

And this dislike is spreading…

I saw a tweet today where someone sent a message to Subway, who uses Rapinoe as their spokesperson that said this:

” [email protected], I’m done with you while you have that divisive, nasty, anti-American communist Megan Rapinoe
as your spokesperson. She doesn’t represent “America,” she represents herself and hateful progressive politics. I’ll go to @jimmyjohns.”

It’s time we all started speaking up…There are way more of “us” than them, and the only reason they’re getting so much attention and pushing so much of their agenda through is that we allow it to happen by staying quiet.


We don’t stand up and say what we’re thinking, and that needs to change.

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