NEW NewsBusters Podcast: The Impeachment of Fox News with Tim Graham & Curtis Houck

CNN is already overflowing with anticipation of the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. But CNN also sounds like it’s seeking impeach Fox News and other conservative media outlets, openly lobbying cable providers to drop Fox or place them on some “sci-fi” tier that’s not next to “news” channels. 

In the latest feisty serving of the NewsBusters Podcast, executive editor Tim Graham takes on Brian Stelter’s idea that crusading against Fox isn’t about “freedom of speech,” but about “freedom of reach.” If conservatives lobbied to take CNN off basic cable, would he see it the same way? 

Managing editor Curtis Houck then joins in to discuss how the new White House briefings with Jen Psaki are going, and how reporters can only seem to complain anonymously about Psaki’s team trying to find out what the briefing questions are in advance. 

Listen below or wherever you enjoy your podcasts. 


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