NEW NewsBusters Podcast: The Media's Total Submission to Ilhan Omar

On the Monday edition of the Podcast, we explore the media darling Ilhan Omar. On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, CNN host Brian Stelter invited her on to discuss immigration and the media. Stelter didn’t question her. He began: “I’m curious to hear how you think immigration should be framed in the media.”

How would a celebrated Somalian refugee/feminist/Muslim leftist “frame” the narrative? Omar replied that “when we ground the conversation with who is legal, who is illegal, who is a criminal, who’s alien, then we allow for racist rhetoric to take hold.”

Now in the opening months of her sophomore term in Congress, journalists fall at her feet. She can tell Stelter that the “hysteria” of the Republicans creates a torturous situation for “the least fortunate of our immigration population.”

A few days back, Omar received a very sympathetic interview from Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep. He asked if America’s been a force for good in the world. She would say American has “no successes” to boast about. She’s been celebrated on the Late Show by Stephen Colbert.

Now consider a new freshman Republican woman representing Minnesota, Rep. Michelle Fischbach. Never heard of her? She’s white, born in Minnesota, and a conservative. Never mind! 

Speaking of Stelter, he also had a segment with two female Asian journalists. Once again, Stelter didn’t have a question for Connie Chung. He said “I’ve been hoping to hear this all week. Your assessment of how the media coverage, how the media approaches anti-Asian violence in the United States.” Chung shot back “anti- Asian hate started the moment it came out of President Trump’s mouth. The moment he called COVID-19 the China virus or Kung flu.” Michelle Ye Hee Lee of The Washington Post complained the media were “rushing” to describe the Atlanta shootings as not racially motivated (because that’s what the suspect said).

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Download and like us. On Wednesday, we’ll interview Derek Hunter — author, columnist, talk radio host, and podcaster.

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