NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Tim Graham & Bill D'Agostino on Viral Video and Audacious ACB

In the latest compelling installment of the NewsBusters podcast, executive editor Tim Graham discusses the remarkably subdued coverage of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings. The Democrats try to push their anti-Barrett messaging, but the tone of the news stories betrays the conventional wisdom that Democrats can’t really stop Barrett from being confirmed.

The New York Times comes under the spotlight for its nasty smear of Mark Levin and Dan Bongino as misinformers, as well as its surprising Science Times article suggesting there’s an end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic. Where is that story on the TV news?

Tim welcomed Bill D’Agostino on the podcast to discuss his entertaining (and informative) video montages underlining media bias trends. On Monday, Bill posted an amusing medley of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman repeatedly selling his line “We have a president without shame.” They also discuss Time magazine millennials complaining about stupid voters in the Midwestern states.

Please enjoy and spread the word! 

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