New Poll Shows Americans Aren't on Board With Pelosi's Jan 6th Hearing

Well, this has gotta be a real kick in the corn flakes for Dems…


According to a new poll, an overwhelming amount of Americans are actually more interested in our government investigating the BLM riots from last year rather than the pathetic panel that Pelosi has arranged for the events on January 6th.

Bizpaceview reported that Rasmussen Reports says a significantly higher number of Americans think lawmakers ought to be holding investigatory hearings on the “Black Lives Matter protests that sparked violence” following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May 2020 than that riot that led to a breach of the U.S. Capitol Building earlier this year as Congress met to certify the November election.

Overall, some 66 percent of likely U.S. voters said they think Congress ought to officially launch a probe of “the violent protests” that left an extensive and expensive trail of burned-out businesses, destroyed city blocks, looted stores, and injured police officers in most major cities around the country.

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Meanwhile, less than half (49 percent) of Americans are on board with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked 1/6 Committee, which is focused only on the protest that turned into a riot and breach of the Capitol Building early this year.

Once again, the Dems are on the losing side of what Americans want.

There’s nothing the American people love more than seeing their tax dollars wasted on an investigation they don’t want…especially during this new “Delta Variant” hoopla.

I seem to recall that the last time there was a new virus, Dems were more concerned about impeaching President Trump.


Now, they’re more concerned with “impeaching” Trump supporters.

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