New York Times Reporter Admits Melania's RNC Speech Will Help Trump Gain Suburban Female Votes

Every once in a great while the fake news media will relent and report the truth.

I don’t know if it’s due to “guilt,” or wanting to be “ahead of the curve” when the propaganda bubble blows up….either way, we do see the occasional “moment of truth” from these jackals…and when I spot one, I like to share it.

I happened upon this little beauty from Elaina Plott. She’s a writer for the NYT, and also a CNN pundit – double fake news whammy.

Plott was commenting in part on the amazing speech that Melania Trump delivered at Tuesday night’s RNC Convention.

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The speech was out of this world. Melania hit every note that needed to be hit, and she looked radiant. Melania brings a delicate, calm strength to the table that really does offset Trump’s more bombastic personality.

Plott believes that Melania’s speech will “stick” with suburban women who are looking for a “reason” to vote for Trump.

Here’s what she said in both of her tweets:

“I’ve interviewed a whole, whole lot of suburban, center-right women who have been on the fence about voting for Trump in November. The first lady’s speech is going to stick.”


“One thing that has struck me these interviews is that they are often looking *for* a reason to reelect Trump. Any data point that helps them feel more comfortable doing so — like seeing the first lady evince something like compassion — thus becomes very, very meaningful.”

Those are very powerful observations – and I believe she’s spot on.

Suburban “centrist” women are not going to be drawn to President Trump’s personality. They’re going to find him to be “rude,” and “boorish,” and a bully.

So, while they may like his policies, they don’t like his persona – it’s the exact opposite problem Barack had. People liked him as a person but did not like his policies.

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So, what Melania does, is she brings a sense of softness and calm and allows these centrist women to say to themselves, “Well, how bad can he really be if this lovely, classy, delicate woman is with him?” And then, they connect to the campaign through her.

Melania is Trump’s “ace in the hole” with suburban wishy-washy women, and I hope they keep trotting her out – because she’s just remarkable.


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