Newly Released Image From CCTV Suggests Portland Shooter Was "Lying in Wait" For Trump Supporter

The Antifa terrorist who murdered an innocent Trump supporter on the streets of Portland is dead.

He was killed during a shoot out when the feds attempted to arrest him for murder.

We now know that the scumbag liberals in Portland’s DA office only planned on charging Michael Forest Reinoehl with “second-degree murder.”


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Apparently, the progressive folks in the DA’s office watched the CCTV and didn’t think a man literally lurking around a wall with his hand on his gun, “waiting” for the two Trump supporters wasn’t “premeditated.”  Check out this still image from the CCTV that shows Reinoehl literally lying in wait behind the wall there.

This video goes through and shows how the killing of Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson was a planned ambush.

You can watch the video below (warning graphic):

What a joke. Law and order are dead (pun intended) in liberal cities.

The only thing we can be thankful for was that justice was served in the end…a cowardly, vicious murderer received the death penalty without wasting too many taxpayer dollars.


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