Newly Unearthed Photo of Hunter and Joe Intimately Embracing Has Many People Feeling Very Uncomfortable

It’s true that families have very different ways of showing affection, and that’s okay.

But there are times when you see something and it actually makes you feel uncomfortable.


This newly unearthed photo of Hunter and Joe is one of those moments for a lot of folks…especially after we just found out that Hunter’s laptop was turned over to the police after “underage photos” were reportedly spotted on it.

Newsmax reporter John Cardillo tweeted out the photo and asked this question: “Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?”

He got a lot of answers…

Here’s some of what the folks said:

“Hunter looks like a hostage.”

“There’s something seriously wrong with this family. Why is Joe Biden such a creepy horndog? Why does every “hug” with this guy look like a Porn Hub screengrab?”

“Sexual ritual abuse”

“I think the whole family is inappropriate”

“Biden sniffs children as if they are food.”

“So creepy”

There were a couple of

people that didn’t think it was odd.

“Sorry u can’t understand the unquestionable love of a father to his son, a son he almost lost, a son who struggles with addiction.”

“I’m  100% out on Biden and anything and everything the left is trying to sell, but a dad seeming to kiss his son on the cheek is not weird, at all. It is a little weird though, to frame this moment in such an “artistic” way.”

I don’t think most people – myself included – think it’s odd for a father and son to show affection. That’s not the issue. I’d say it’s likely causing people to feel uncomfortable because we’ve seen over and over Joe plant these same really creepy kisses and nuzzles on kids, women, strangers. He’s been called out over and over by women for making them feel uncomfortable for this same type of “intimacy” move that he seems famous for.

I also think, as I said above, that the Hunter hard drive stuff has given people a lot of concern and pause, which is only understandable.

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And finally, the grandstanding of an intimate moment in the photo is odd, especially given all the personal problems this family clearly had.

Less PR and more therapy, Joe.


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