Catholic Church in China -- Chinese Government Goes After Nuns!

Today is my birthday. And the only reason I mention that is because I’m using it as an opportunity to encourage support for the Sisters of Life. They are a community of religious women who walk with women who would otherwise be driven to abortion by the lack of support. They love women and help them to find joy where there was only fear. I was praying outside a Planned Parenthood clinic thinking of all the unborn children who won’t celebrate birthdays. I came into the world a few years after Roe, so it’s hard to take life for granted. Read a little about the Sisters of Life today. They have a beautiful free magazine you can sign up for here.

You can watch a whole variety of videos about life and love and pregnancy and saints and more here.

You can hear them on podcasts — or their own Let Love podcast.

Here’s a short video on why they exist:

Check out their Moment that Changed Me video series, too.

And pray their beautiful Litany of Trust prayer (which in normal times I hand out all the time — although maybe we are getting back to something like that, because I did yesterday).

It’s sung here:

They are a gift to the world.

Please use this link to donate.

And I’d be remiss not to add: I’m forever grateful to have the opportunity to highlight life issues at both National Review (have you contributed to our ongoing webathon?) and the National Review Institute at the Center for Religion, Culture, and Civil Society (where donations are always needed and welcome and well used). One of my favorite events we’ve done at NRI (it was on adoption) included this scene — speaking of the Sisters of Life — and the upcoming Passover:

Thank you. And I promise the Sisters of Life pray for you — and I do, too. Thanks be to God for life. Let’s do more to protect and cherish it.

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