NewsBusters Podcast: Arrogant Liberals Think We Hate Democracy and Deny There's a Climate

In the latest NewsBusters Podcast, we explore how pompous liberal journalists can get when they imagine that they alone are the ones who represent and protect democracy in America. They paint their own persistently traumatic take on the Trump administration as a heroic journey defending the “truth,” if not the American way. 

New York Times opinion editor Patrick Healy demonstrated the attitude in a Paley Center panel discussion this week when he asked why I had a problem with democracy, and truth. We explore how our discussion of liberal media bias clearly ruffled his feathers.

Then, Joseph Vazquez of MRC Business discusses MRC being placed in the “Toxic Ten” of websites “denying the climate crisis” by a British anti-“hate” group. The MRC is not denying there’s a climate, but we are surely denying there is a “climate catastrophe” around the corner. The Left suggested we had ten years to avoid disaster….in 1990. Why are they never held accountable for their bad predictions?

Enjoy the podcast below or wherever you enjoy your podcasts.

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