Newsom Makes Wild Claim; Certain White Supremacist Groups Behind Recall

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On Monday, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom made an outlandish claim that the Republican National Convention and certain White supremacist groups are the recall attempt that threatens his time in office.

Newsom appeared on MSNBC’s Joy Reid show and said the following, “Let me be more candid and more direct. The principal sponsor of this recall effort wants to put microchips in immigrant aliens. We have folks that are literally part of the 3% militia group — right-wing group — that are part of the principal proponents of this effort.”


The American public needs to really, and I mean really, look at the situation across the country and ask themselves, ‘Do Democrats in Government make their lives better or do they make them worse’?

Democrats make the lives of the elite better, but no one else as America’s poor is about to find out, sadly.

Democrats have for the last 50 years and more played the “race” card on every issue. When they can’t actually provide an argument or fact, it is always innuendo. (“race” card refers to the attempt of changing the argument away from the issues and using a scapegoat or diversion from their failures to demeaning and vilification of those who oppose their agenda) By claiming that those trying to remove Newsom are evil people, you don’t have to address the claims of inept leadership and failed policies. You level an attack on the messenger and divert attention. This play has been used repeatedly on every single issue the Democrats have no ability to logically or factually win. (Which is basically EVERY idea and policy).

You will notice that there is no rally to put forward the glowing successes of Newsom’s policies. (There have been none that also are positive for the California residents who are paying the taxes).

Out of control homeless, drug, crime problem. Businesses and residents making a mass exit and heading to business-friendly states like Texas and Florida. Poor forest management with statewide fires each year. Business and school shutdowns that do not follow the science. I could go on—Head in sand Newsom.


Newsom promising to fill a possible Senate vacancy with a Black female if Feinstein retires exactly one of the reasons there is a recall. When you make decisions based on race and gender instead of choosing the best person for the job, in addition to the wonderful rules for thee, not for my attitude, you find political opposition.

Come on, Newsome. The writing is on the wall. Your state is a complete disaster—homeless alcoholic and junkies everywhere in major cities. Large corporations moved out. Or in the process of moving—high prices on homes, gasoline, and cars, high taxes. You flipped a whole lot of Democrats into voting for Trump. Your draconian business lockdowns were ridiculous. For example, the restaurant was told to close while Hollywood made a movie right across the street from the restaurant, and they were all eating and carrying on.


California was once in the top ten of world economies. No more. Give it up.  Take your money and run. Aunt Nancy can’t save you forever.

I think Newsom would be surprised how many Democrats also want him out because of his policies. Policies that hurt all of his State constituents, not just Republicans. His ego is so large, just like Andrew Cuomo in New York, which has gotten them both into trouble.

Rules for thee but not for me, Gavin, are part of what is behind your recall, that and saying that CA seniors were “too white and too affluent” and should go to the back of the vaccine line.

Your so-called “vaccine equity” was all about pandering to illegals and other minorities who had little chance of having a negative Covid outcome. At the same time, you continued to kill off older, sicker CA residents to keep the hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and death high to justify your draconian lockdowns that were destroying businesses, jobs, careers, and gutting the state’s middle class.

You are allowed to say those things when you are a politician and have immunity from libel suits. That needs to change. We should be able to hold elected officials accountable civilly especially the ones wanting to be able to sue the police. What’s good for the goose.

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