Newt Gingrich Holds The World Record For Scorching Kamala, And His Latest Jab is On Fire

Kamala Harris is the most unpopular “VP” in the history of VPs. And it’s odd that America is having such a visceral reaction to Kamala since VPs are usually just so boring and not even thought about that much. However, Americans are thinking about it a lot, and they dislike this woman. A recent USA Today poll has Kamala sitting at a humiliating 28 percent approval. God knows it’s probably about 10 points lower than that.


But it’s not shocking – this is the woman who had to drop out of the Dem primary because she was so unpopular. So, it’s not just the “right” that doesn’t like Kamala… it’s pretty much everybody. And can you blame people? Did you see her latest weird speech in France?

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I’ve seen autopsies that were more festive. Not to mention, she made no sense. She literally said so much, yet said nothing at all. It’s quite an accomplishment, actually.


Kamala definitely doesn’t have a shining or winning personality, that’s for sure.

I don’t know what’s worse, the cackling hyena look or the boring and confused insurance saleswoman look. I guess they both suck.

And standing in the wings – as always – is Newt Gingrich, ready to pounce on the bumbling “VP.”


And that’s exactly what he did. Newt wasted no time going “scorched earth” (again) on Kamala and condemning her for her recent trip to Europe.

Here’s what Newt said: “Why is Kamala Harris in Paris France worrying about the Polish-Belarus border instead of being in Paris, Texas worrying about the US-Mexican border? Did she misunderstand Biden when he made her in charge of the border?”

Newt is right. This admin has their priorities so screwed up.

But it’s not because they’re “stupid.” It’s all by design. The chaos at the border, and flooding our cities with illegal aliens is a “party” for Dems. It’s a dream come true. They don’t want this gravy train to stop rolling. Get out of the mindset of thinking the left cares what Americans think or what the polls say. They don’t. All they know is that they have a very limited amount of time to get done what they need to do, and they will go full-steam ahead, regardless of polls or public anger.


This is likely their last shot to get the “reset” rooted and in place, and they know that.

So, that’s why Kamalas is focusing on European borders, while our borders are a chaotic, horrific mess.

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