Nigeria, Sanity on Foster Care, Pope Francis & More: Twenty-One Things That Caught My Eye Today -- October 21, 2020

1. President calls for calm after protesters shot during Nigeria demonstration

2. Please pray for peace —  Two Muslim women stabbed under Eiffel Tower ‘by white women shouting “dirty Arabs”’

3. After teacher beheaded, some in France turn to Fr. Jacques Hamel

4. Christians in Northern Iraq face a second Covid-19 wave (without enough hospital beds)

5. In a New York Minute: Cuomo caves to Jewish schoolgirls, loosens targeted lockdown order

6. Hospitals resolve complaints of clergy access amid pandemic

7. NY Catholic Conference: Follow the science. Open the churches.

8. ‘No Adult Should Confuse a Child About Who They Are’: Expert Chides Biden’s Transgender Comments

9. Naomi Schaefer Riley: Wanted: Sanity on Foster Care

“In other words, the evidence suggests that black children suffering abuse or neglect may be safer after intervention by child protective services relative to other children. Across racial lines, there is good reason to believe that children placed in foster care have better outcomes than those who remain in their homes despite substantiated risk.”

10. Lyman Stone: Divorce is down, despite covid-19

11. If you read anything about the pope and that documentary today, read this, which I think puts it in accurate context (to the extent we even know in an edited documentary)


13. Ed Mechmann: Dealing with Papal Mistakes

14. I also like Ed’s comment on this news story: “When an evil and cruel policy is joined by government incompetence, the result is tragedy”


16. I noticed this and it’s seems progress — they believe in moral relativism

Editorial: Barrett’s moral relativism is cause for rejection from the bench | National Catholic Reporter

17. Voting for a Vision, Not a Person

18. Unhappy With Binary Choice Between God And Satan, People Demand Third-Party Candidate

19. Because they don’t social distance?

20. Charlie Brown Holiday Specials Not Airing on Network TV This Year

21. Colorado’s first-ever criminal charges following an avalanche could be slippery slope for backcountry travelers

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