Now We Know Why Trump Never Logged Onto Parler or Gab, And It's Not Good...

It’s been difficult being cut off from President Trump.


We’re used to hearing from him multiple times a day – but the Dems are terrified of his power and his “army” of followers.

They wrongly believe that President Trump wants to start a “civil war.”

Totally false.

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The only people pushing for civil war at the Dems, who have locked down Americans, killed small businesses, and who many believe is about to “install” a president into the White House.

How on earth did you think this would turn out, Democrats?

Before the popular conservative social media site Parler went down, it was rumored that President Trump would open up an account so he could speak to his followers.

Right after that rumor started, Big Tech erased Parler from the face of the earth.

Then, another free-speech site “Gab” burst back on the scene – they also created a profile for President Trump to use.

But it never happened…

To date, there has been no Trump online presence and many people are wondering why.

Looks like we may have the answer now, and it’s not very good.

From The Hill 

Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, stopped Trump from joining fringe social media platforms Parler and Gab after he was banned from Twitter, according to a report from CNN.

Kushner and deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino are said to have gone against other aides, such as personnel chief Johnny McEntee, to get Trump not to join other social media platforms, an outside adviser and an administration official told CNN.

Trump has now been banned from most major social media platforms. His favorite social media platform, Twitter, suspended him Friday for peddling claims of election fraud.

Parler and Gab are platforms that have attracted some far-right users due to the companies’ lack of speech restrictions on their platforms. Gab and Parler are not available on Google Play or the Apple app store.


My hope is that Parler comes back soon. Rumor has it they’re working on getting back online as we speak. And once this sham “inauguration” is over, and President Trump is back to being a regular (amazing) citizen, he will be perfectly free to do whatever the hell he wants to do.

I guess I can understand while he’s under this bizarre and tyrannical scrutiny for “inciting an insurrection” (laughable hogwash) he may want to lay low, but once this farce ends he can hopefully get back to speaking directly to us.


They can’t silence him forever…and on that note, please, pray for Trump’s safety every single day.


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