NRPLUS Conference Call -- Chris Christie & Rich Lowry Replay

(NRO Illustration: Elijah Smith)

On Wednesday morning, NR editor-in-chief Rich Lowry spoke with former New Jersey governor Chris Christie on an exclusive, NRPLUS members-only conference call.

Rich and Chris kicked off the call by discussing critical race theory and whether the pushback against it is justified. Christie confirmed that it is justified, arguing that it is teaching America’s youth that the American dream is no longer alive and that the American people are a group of bad actors and always have been. While on the topic of education, the pair also discussed the power of teachers’ unions, school closures, mask requirements for children, and more.

They went on to discuss the Biden administration — in particular the latest infrastructure bill being pushed forward. They explored whether there is a need for such a large sum of money to support new infrastructure initiatives in the nation. They also evaluated Biden in general, with Chris arguing that there are two ways to evaluate him: his policies and his personality. He argued that while his policies are terrible, he is a likable guy, so it will take a while for the policies to really hit the public.

Throughout the call the pair answered your fellow NRPLUS members’ questions, with Chris giving a glimpse of what it is like to be a Republican governor in a blue state. They also addressed the rising rate of violent crime in the nation, citing the denigration of police departments around the country as the most likely reason behind the spike.

Rich ended the call as expected: Is Chris Christie pessimistic or optimistic about the future of our country?

You can listen to a full recording of the conversation above. Thank you to those who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you all on the next call.

Members of the National Review editorial and operational teams are included under the umbrella “NR Staff.”

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