NRPLUS Conference Call -- Stephen Miller and Rich Lowry Replay

(NRO Illustration: Elijah Smith)

On April 16, National Review editor-in-chief Rich Lowry spoke with Stephen Miller on an exclusive, members-only NRPLUS conference call.

Stephen and Rich discussed all things immigration — from the myth that the current surge in immigration is seasonal to the role the cartel has in the journey across the border. The two analyzed the case against further expanding legal immigration and laid out the many options immigrants already have to enter the country legally. Miller also discussed some experiences he has had since serving in the Trump administration, and underscored the importance of standing up for yourself.

Stephen and Rich took several questions from your fellow NRPLUS members, including one big one: How can the Biden administration get through this border crisis while also saving face?

The call ended with Rich asking Stephen the now standard final question: Are you pessimistic or optimistic about our country’s future?

Listen to the full discussion in the members-only recording above.

We look forward to seeing you on the next call.

Members of the National Review editorial and operational teams are included under the umbrella “NR Staff.”

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