NY Judge Tosses Out a Ballot With “Never Trump” Comment Written On It, Calls It “Distinguishing Mark Void by Law”

There’s no better way to stick it to President Trump by not only voting against him, but writing a rebellious message at the bottom of your ballot.


But the only problem with that is that this idiot’s ballot was reportedly just put through the shredder because of this little anti-Trump message on the bottom.


Check it out:

MORE NEWS: Attorney Robert Barnes Artfully Explains Media’s Little “Widespread Fraud” Gaslighting Game, That Many People Are Falling For

What a clever rebel right?

Users on Twitter had some pretty bilious jabs for this liberals complete fail at resisting Trump.

Bringing Lincoln Projects vote total to -1

Invalidating my protest ballot to own the cons

Sounds like he was pretty stupid lol

That is perfect ??

Very on brand for those morons

Wow. Color me shocked that the most gormless people in the country can’t figure out voting

Biden loses another vote.

The legacy of the lincoln project summed up

Pretty pathetic right?

Not only are these people horrible at rebelling, but they also have no idea how to vote.

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