NY Post Reporter Who's Spoken With Tons of "Average" Americans Makes Stunning Claim About "Never Trump" Voters

If you listen to the media or you spend any time on Twitter, you will be subjected to this notion that a large swath of the American public are “Never Trump conservatives.”


That’s right, you are supposedly surrounded by “George Conways” and “Bill Kristols” everywhere you go, and they’re – according to all those esteemed “blue checks” on Twitter – the most formidable and most powerful voting block in our nation.

Do you believe that?

I hope not, because it’s not true.

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Personally, I have never met a “Never Trump” conservative in real life. Have you?

Most of us haven’t, and according to a New York Post reporter, it’s because they basically do not exist outside of a tiny “coastal elite bubble.”

David Marcus posted a really amazing response to a “Never Trumper” named Matt Lewis, and I thought it was so good and so insightful, that I wanted to share it with you.


Here’s what Never Trump Matt had to say: “Never Trump conservatives are arguably the most important swing vote in America. Curiously, NEITHER political party gives a #$!% about us!”

He’s posting this comment on an article titled: “Why Isn’t Anyone Trying to Seduce The Never Trumpers?”

Well, New York Post reporter David Marcus thinks he knows the answer to that question – and it’s a fascinating one. Here’s what he said in response to Matt Lewis:

“I’ve interviewed and spoken with tons of voters all over the country outside the coastal bubble. I’ve met exactly one Never Trump conservative in the wild. It was in a casino bar in Vegas and he was from New York. These people basically don’t exist.”

Despite what these narcissistic losers want you to think, the Never Trumpers are not some powerful voting block.

They’re a scattered group of bitter, angry neocon squatters who were finally kicked out of the home they’ve been occupying and destroying for years.

These pompous establishment warmongers offer nothing but failed old-school establishment policies, and “Orange Man Bad” bellyaching in terms of messaging.

It’s basically a group of elite outcasts all commiserating together at the same cafeteria lunch table.


Furthermore, by quickly abandoning their party and joining the left, Never Trumpers proved exactly why they’re so utterly useless in the first place: no values, no loyalty, no sense of duty whatsoever.

Their so-called “inherent beliefs” are about as strong and hearty as a saltine cracker.

So, the left can have these antiquated losers – we don’t want cowards and turncoats taking up space in our foxhole.

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