NYC Report Finds De Blasio Used The NYPD For "Political" And "Personal Purposes"

I am stunned and appalled to learn an elected official in New York state may have engaged in unethical behavior.

New York City leads other cities in a lot of aspects, especially self-destruction. Once a truly great city and even a model for others, it is now a complete mess, thanks, especially to the liberal political class, so to learn that its Mayor Bill De Blasio used the NYPD for personal errands isn’t surprising.

But trying to cover up this deed is the issue.

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On Thursday, a new report released by the city’s Department of Investigation (DOI) claimed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio misused police resources on his security detail to assist in his adult daughter’s move out of Brooklyn. Not only that, the NYPD was assigned to transport his campaign staff during his presidential bid.

This further reinforces the fact that Progressives are different from the rest of us, and because of that, they deserve special treatment. And the people who vote for Democrats support their corrupt politicians because the ends justify the means in their minds. No wonder America is struggling.

Politicians seem to think they have the right to use taxpayers’ money for their personal use. Congress raises the debt ceiling to spend more taxpayers’ money and then raises taxes to cover the money already paid. The federal government only needs to be concerned about military funds to protect our country from attack, and the federal government needs to distribute cash for those qualified for social security. Educational system needs are a state issue, not federal, state unemployment benefits are a state issue, Interstate Highway system is a state and federal issue.

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I have to live within my means and live on a budget, spending money paying bills and buying food or gasoline and hoping no unexpected bills arrive in my mailbox because I can’t raise my income or print money, etc. so too should the federal, state, county and local governments should do the same, they need to stop this insanity before China owns us.

He isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, to misuse funds. If we brought back public guillotining, maybe other politicians would reconsider their actions, but I’m not holding my breath.

Just my thoughts and opinion, what’s yours?




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