NYT Big "Bombshell" Reveal of Trump's Taxes is a Gigantic Nothingburger that Backfires in Their Face

“We’ve got ’em this time, guys!!!!!”

That’s what liberals had to be thinking when they (supposedly) got their hands on President Trump’s taxes…likely illegally, by the way.

Trump says it’s “fake news,”  But maybe he shouldn’t…because it’s such a massive nothingburger and has blown up so spectacularly, that perhaps he should embrace it.

Here are some reactions to the “bombshell.”

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I think this tweet from a popular DC radio host sums it up nicely:

“Ok, just read through the Times’ Trump tax returns report. I think this might be Geraldo opening Al Capone’s vault.”

Daily Wire reporter had this to say:

“The walls are closing in and this is the beginning of the end” because the New York Times just revealed groundbreaking news that Trump legally paid taxes he was obligated to… and had *no* financial dealings with any Russians. Just wild. #TrumpTaxReturns

“Earth-shattering-breaking news from the New York Times reveals that Donald Trump did not, in fact, go out of his way to pay more taxes than he was legally obligated to”

Investigative journo Jordan Schachtel had this to say:

“The NYT tax returns nothing burger story had to be leaked by Trump team. Big reveal: no wrongdoing, not even an allegation of illegal behavior, and made no income as POTUS”

Conservative pundit Robby Starbuck. said this:

Breaking news: You guys are gonna want to sit down for this. It turns out rich people and their companies have entire teams who work to lessen their tax bill and use as much $ to reinvest in their business as they’re legally able to. Can you believe it?! #TrumpTaxReturns

Syndicated columnist Phil Kerpen said this:

“Trump pays no income taxes when he has no income.”

Editor of The National Pulse said this:

“The New York Times has just published a long hyped and incredibly long winded account of Trump’s finances. It’s going to seriously upset the left. There appears to be no wrongdoing, no Russia ties, and nothing of substance beyond what most corporations do. Womp womp!”

John Cardillo of Newsmax had this to say:

“Only financially ignorant leftist morons think it’s news that people and companies take advantage of legal tax shelters.”

Independent journalist Michael Tracey had this to say about “no Russia” payments being found in Trump’s tax returns:

“This must’ve been a real heart-breaker for the NYT”

He goes on to say:

“For years it was an article of faith among conspiracists that Trump withheld taxes in order to conceal sinister financial dealings with Russia. That’s now debunked per NYT. But don’t expect any acknowledgment: the conspiracies were always faith-based and therefore unfalsifiable”

And conservative pundit Mark Dice had this gem:

“Poor Democrats never took Business 101. When someone spends (i.e. invests) more money in their business than it brings in during the year, then there are technically no “profits” to be taxed. It doesn’t mean they’re not thriving or committing tax fraud!”

The media will never stop trying to “get” Trump. They all have Stage 5 TDS and at this point, they just can’t stop themselves.

They look foolish to anyone who isn’t suffering from TDS. But they’ll use this to make a few “gotcha” headlines, but rest assured folks, this is probably one of the biggest nothingburgers and backfires yet.

They promised that President Trump’s taxes would be this massive “BOMBSHELL” that would reveal so much dirt.

On the contrary,  it shows how honest he is, follows the law, and doesn’t have any sinister stuff lurking in the shadows.


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