Obama Then VS Now - Stunning Side-by-Side Photo’s Show Obama’s Dwindling Crowds in 2020

It looks like Obama is not the political star he used to be.

If you think back on 2008 and even 2012, Obama would draw some jaw-dropping sized crowds.


But now while campaigning for Biden, it’s seems like he can barely fill up a high school gymnasium.

Check it out:

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That’s a pretty stark contrast huh?

Here’s some of the hilarious comments Twitter users had for these pitiful photo’s:

“He’s certainly popular among cars.”

“How it started – How it’s going”

“I wonder how many people in those 2008 crowds became the Obama-to-Trump voters.

Dems find it hard to believe, but many Rust-Belters were attracted to Obama for same reason they were attracted to Trump: Perceived him as outsider able to challenge establishment.”

“He hasn’t figured out that he’s no longer president (and should never have been in the first place)”

“His only juice was the presidency. Now that’s over he’s back to his skinny fat dude married to a man persona. People can feel that.”

“The reduction in crowd size is interesting.

More interesting to me is in that last image, there are several guys looking at their phones. That’s very odd… I’d think a POTUS or former POTUS would command the undivided attention of just about everyone.”

Perhaps Obama doesn’t draw the crowds he used to because he literally has nothing left to give to the left.

If anything, his far-left politics is what lead to Trump’s victory in 2020 and the deterioration of the Democrat party.

And yet they still expect him to save them.

Pretty pathetic.

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