Ohio Democrat Flips on Her Party

The tide is turning folks!

Ohio Democrat Rep. Bernadine Kennedy has flipped on her party and is now supporting President Trump for reelection in 2020.

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Kennedy’s biggest reason for backing Trump has been his commitment to the black community, most notably the historically low unemployment numbers among black Americans under his administration.

From Washington Examiner

An Ohio state representative announced her endorsement of President Trump, citing low unemployment rates among black Americans under his administration.

“Not only am I Black, I am a proud American and delighted to endorse President Trump for re-election,” state Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent wrote in her endorsement. “Furthermore, I am honored to share with people my intent to vote for him and spread the word on the value of his leadership and his dedication to the American people.”

“We all recognize that gainful employment and economic development is the best deterrent against violence and social unrest, so I want to thank President Trump for his commitment to ensuring the success of the Black community in every way.”

She added that her “values” are more reflected by Trump than in “Joe Biden’s divisive rhetoric, promotion of mass incarceration, and disrespectful, insensitive ideologies that substantiates his infamous comment ‘…if you’re still deciding between me and Trump, then you ain’t Black…’ during an interview on a popular African American radio program earlier this year.”

Wow, it’s crazy all the support Trump is getting from the black community considering what a “white supremacist” he is.

Wonder what crazy spin the media would put on this in order to maintain that lie?

As if they even would cover a story like this…

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