Omaha Bar Owner Charged for Killing a BLM Rioter Has Just Committed Suicide

According to reports, Omaha bar owner Jake Gardner has been found dead after what’s been deemed a suicide.

Gardner was charged back with manslaughter as well as a slew of other charges when he shot a BLM rioter outside of his bar in self-defense.


Police in Oregon released the following information: “At about 12:20 p.m., Hillsboro Police Department officers responded to the 300 block of Southeast Ninth Avenue after a body was found outside a medical clinic. They discovered 38-year-old Jacob Gardner of Omaha, Nebraska, dead.”

Gardner’s attorney, Stu Dornan, said Gardner was scheduled to return to Omaha Sunday evening.

“The family of Jake Gardner has asked Tom Monaghan and myself to share the news of his death today, at his own hand,” he said.

Dornan said Gardner was a decorated veteran of multiple tours in Iraq, saying he suffered two traumatic brain injuries. Gardner said he felt like he was in a war zone the night of Scurlock’s death, Dornan said.

“I want to make it very clear that this was a clear case of self-defense,” Dornan said, describing Gardner as cooperative with police.

Dornan said that Gardner left Omaha following Scurlock’s death amid death threats, and went to California.

“The grand jury indictment was a shock to him,” he said. “He was really shook up.”

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This is a complete tragedy.

It’s clear that the mounting hate and pressure against Gardner just became too much for him to handle.

What makes this even more upsetting is that this was all originally ruled as “self-defense,” but as more and more pressure was put on, serious charges such as manslaughter were placed against Gardner.

From Talent Recap

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said in a news conference that after looking at the footage, the determination has been made that the shooting was in self-defense. He also said that there is video evidence that he wants the public to see other than just the Snapchat video that has been circulating on social media. Law Enforcement came to this decision after reviewing all of the evidence that was presented to them. In interviews with investigators, Gardner maintained that he was trying to protect himself and was fearful that Scurlock was a threat.

This what mob wanted.

They wanted to ruin Gardners life, but instead they ended up taking it.

This is an extremely dangerous precedent they’re setting.

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