On the Eve Of Biden's Visit With Jacob Blake's Father, Anti-Semitic Posts and Hitler Memes Were Found on His FB 

After President Trump’s successful trip to. Kenosha, Joe Biden has decided to make the trip, days after he said he wouldn’t go.

It’s just another “lead from behind” move from the disastrous Biden campaign that is making one massive blunder after another and sinking in the polls.

Biden is set to meet with Jacob Blake’s father, Jacob Blake Sr. tomorrow. President Trump did not meet with the family of Mr. Blake, instead he toured the riot wreckage and held a round table to discuss the devastation and meet with victims of crime.

Just as Biden gets ready to meet with Mr. Blake and the family, some disturbing Facebook posts from Jacob Blake Sr.’s account have been uncovered and shared on social media.

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The posts – and there are many of them – are very anti-Jewish, and he even shared a “Hitler meme.”

Many of the posts focus on the “Jewish controlled media,” and also suggest that Jewish people pick and choose who are terrorists.

Mr. Blake also uses the term “white Jews” and “brown Jews” and even “pink Jews,” saying “Pink Toe Jews” control, money, media, and finance.

In addition, Mr. Blake also claims “crackers” will only teach you what they want.

He shared a meme with Hitler, in comparison to King Leopold, who the meme says killed 15 million Africans, while it claims Hitler killed “10 million Europeans.”

These Facebook posts just came out, so as of this publishing there’s been no comment from the Biden camp.

In truth, I highly doubt there will be any comment from Biden or the media on these posts.

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Of course, these posts have nothing to do with the shooting incident involving his son – that’s a separate matter. However, they do have something to do with a candidate running for president who constantly spreads fake news about President Trump, “dividing” the nation by promoting hate.

Mr. Biden has routinely spread lies that President Trump called ‘white nationalists “very fine people,” as well. Completely false.

So, in light of all that, perhaps Mr. Biden should postpone his meeting based on these posts.


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