One 8-Second Video Proves White Liberal Women Are the Biggest Danger to This Country...

There’s something “off” about your average white liberal woman.


And I am not saying that to be “funny” or mean. I am actually being 100 percent serious.

Over the past four years, we’ve watched an endless stream of eyebrow-raising video clips of unhinged liberal women screaming their brains out over something they don’t like.

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Sometimes they say things, other times they just howl at the moon.

It’s not normal.

Of course, the media and Dems never talk about it – they want those of us who see this behavior to think it’s perfectly okay and acceptable to scream like you’re in a horror film while driving in your car or sitting in your house, simply because you don’t like Trump or right-wing policies.

It’s not normal.


Yet, this is what they do….over and over again. So much so, that they’re now a stereotype –  and for good reason.

So, when I came upon this tweet of another nutty white liberal woman screaming like a banshee and proving that white liberals are the greatest danger to America, I had to share it with you and see what you thought.

This lady is losing her last marbles over DeSantis banning Critical Race Theory in Florida…this is disturbing to see.

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from people online:

“She’s gonna boil someones bunny”

“A lot of wine and a husband who pays no attention to her “

“The only things she would get from me: Divorce notice Restraining order”

“Banshee’s really do exist… now we also know they are all Liberals!”

“We used to hospitalize our mentally ill…. ” 

This is the real issue facing our country.

This takes your typical “Karen” to a whole new and very disturbing level.


If you ask me, mentally unhinged white liberal women who are creating toxic and hateful energy in this county are the biggest danger of all.


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