OP-ED: Gender Reassignment Surgery Is Now Part Of Military Benefits Package For Active "And Veterans"

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Well, Joe’s done it! The Biden Administration did something that the Obama Administration wouldn’t even do. In his January executive order, the nation’s fool made transgender surgeries free for all military and veterans, something Obama wouldn’t even do.

According to that executive order, transgender surgery is a benefit to veterans and active members seeking that option.


[DC EXAMINER] – Taxpayers will now foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery for active military personnel and veterans, with some treatments costing upward of $200,000 under an executive order signed by President Biden.

Tucked inside Biden’s Jan. 25 transgender order, “Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform,” is a clause that repeals an Obama-era policy that prohibited federally funded reassignment surgery. This was followed up by memos from both Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough specifically stating that surgery is now an added benefit.

“This revised policy will also ensure all medically-necessary transition related care authorized by law is available to all Service members,” Austin wrote.

In a VA email to employees, McDonough echoed: “Perform an assessment of the necessary steps to eliminate the exclusion of ‘gender alteration’ (gender affirmation surgery) in the medical benefits package.”

The cost of surgery is minuscule to the cost of disability payments to the transgender who eventually get out and are awarded disability benefits for the rest of their lives.


In 2018, the total size of the US military was only 1.379 million. If I did my math correctly, 15,000 would amount to 1.09% of the military is suffering from gender dysphoria. Supposedly, within the entire US adult population, only .58% suffer from gender dysphoria, which is almost certainly an inflated figure. No doubt, they justify the inflation by claiming it is “under-reported” due to stigma — which is an admission they have no idea what the percentage is, but this is a high estimate.

There is just no way this dysphoria is twice as likely in the military than in the large population. First, the military is not a cakewalk, not even now. Individuals suffering from severe mental health issues, like dysphoria, would severely underperform. The deliberately induced stress would cause already fragile psyches to fall apart or shatter.

Second, transgender people would be discouraged from joining by feeling out of place. Unit cohesion, dynamics, and camaraderie would tend to discourage those who already feel isolated — the military is no place for people who tend to feel like loners and outsiders — it would be high school amplified many times over. They would be far more likely to seek others with the same mental issues to feel like they belong.

These “statistics” are probably no more trustworthy than the 97% of scientist survey we all know is 100% bunk. Labeling the unknown study “federal” doesn’t add to the credibility.


Trust me. Doctors will gladly sign off on this as a mental disability. Any “harm” done while serving will be considered a qualification for benefits, including monthly payments equalling a percentage of their pay rate when they get out.

So, expect more surgeries and more mentally disturbed recruits joining the military.

This will undermine our readiness. China doesn’t need to fire a shot. We’ll take ourselves out, and enough Democrats know this. They’re incredibly sinister. They’re Marxists intentionally bringing down America to help the Marxists of the Chinese Communist Party.




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