Opinion: Barack Obama Claims Americans Were "Spooked" By A Black Man In The White House — Are You Kidding?

Barack Obama wrote, “For millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House, Donald Trump promised an elixir for their racial anxiety,” in his new memoir.

Sit back for a few seconds and think about that. Marxist philosophy causes people to think, speak, and act stupidly. Case in point – Obama saying America is a racist country even though America elected him twice!

Obama wouldn’t have gotten elected if it wasn’t for the White Americans. Black voters came out in record numbers to support him being elected, but White Americans stood in line and cried as they wanted to be part of history, which ended up being a snapshot in time of one of the worst presidents ever.


Don’t get me wrong; the book will sell, just not to normal, every-day people. The big Democrat -supporting entities will buy it by the thousands. It’ll be in the dollar stores next year.

Many will stand in line and raise their hand to the tune that Obama is the greatest fraud ever unleashed on the American people. With all the obvious voter fraud currently coming to light, maybe Barry didn’t really get all the votes credited to him. The chances are high that the Dominion program was used to pad his vote totals. He hates us and thinks we’re racist because he knows not enough of us really voted for him to get elected.

If Obama couldn’t blame white folks for voting for Trump due to racism, he might have to face the fact that they voted for Trump because of his incompetence. Tell me, would you expect anything else from simple-minded Obama? As mama said, you don’t climb the ladder to success by stepping on those below you to keep them down; you do it by hard work. Barry got where he is by stepping on others, raising himself on their hard work. He’s a lazy, incompetent racist.

Though his skin color is dark, if his father is who he says he is, none of his ancestors were slaves, he never wanted for anything, and has nothing in common with inner-city blacks. Yet they voted for him because he was *their* guy – smh. Could you see him growing up in the “hood?” He was the only black on his high school basketball team and its worst player. The abuse he would have taken at the park with NBA wannabes would have been, to borrow a phrase, fundamentally transforming.

The media covered for Obama the whole time. Remember when they hid the photograph of Barry with Louis Farrakhan? They covered his association with GD America Rev Wright and his tutelage under Bill Ayers. I would bet half the country still doesn’t know this, but they are the ones who slurp up fake news propaganda anyway.

You know what I hated most about Obama’s presidency, namely, that he never stopped lecturing us with what became his signature style of righteous condescension. We could give him everything, but that was never enough to make his pain and disappointment go away.


It’s a classic entitlement mentality, how a foundational outlook of anger and resentment colors everything and makes sure that there’s nothing that’s enough to take away the diseased sense of hurt that sustains his personality or to alter the fractured, all-lines-converge-on-me perspective at its center.

Obama owes an apology to every man and woman who gave their work, blood, sweat, tears, lives, and their sons and daughters lives to create, protect, keep and honor the constitution, institutions, citizens, and ideals that make The United States of America.

This man and his sycophants are actively undermining and destroying America with the intent of installing a communist hell hole in its stead.




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