Opinion: Be Forewarned! Dems And Their Allies Will Attempt To Downplay And Push Out "America First" Patriots

Let’s not kid ourselves. There has always been election fraud, but rarely has a national election been so razor-thin that a few thousand votes in each of five swing states decided it, a few thousand votes out of 150 million. In my personal opinion, when it’s this close, we should hold another vote to confirm the results, but no mail-in is allowed. Only full chain-of-custody, in-person voting by verified voters.

I absolutely refuse to accept that Biden-Harris won this election legitimately. There is absolutely no way I will ever believe that; therefore, should Biden-Harris be fraudulently and illegally installed on January 20th, I will refuse to acknowledge that act because to do so would make me complicit with the fraud. The saddest part of it is, should that happen, America may never again have an election that we can trust, and therefore the entire foundation of our republican form of government that rests on “one person, one vote” is lost.

I guarantee you that extensive data analysis was done ahead of time by the Democrats to identify exactly those swing states and put in place the fraudulent mechanisms and the people needed to make it work to steal this election. We’ve all heard about Chicago politics, haven’t we?


Despite four years of the most vicious, clandestine schemes, lies, and baseless attacks on Pres. Trump by the MSM, social media, Hollywood, academia, and most politicians of both parties, more than half of Americans who care enough to vote, support the Commander-in-chief.

The entire world knows this election was “in your face fraud,” and no matter how it is dressed-up, this counterfeit clown show will never be accepted as any more real than men who pretend to be women.

It is difficult to know with any accuracy given the fraud, e.g., multiple runs of the same ballot boxes through the machines. 10,000 votes magically become 40k or 50k. And, this is merely ONE of the many thieveries the left performed Nov 3rd-4th.

Whenever crooks like those in the Lincoln Project unite with the same goal of the progressives and the left, we get a REAL look into their ethics depth. Whenever people like Bill Kristol, Mike Steel, Bill Ayers, Obama, Bushes, Gates, Zuckerberg, and Soros, etc., unite politically (the royals of this society), the Nation’s sovereignty and original intention are at high risk. Even the former Mrs. Amazon is fertilizing a return to the Dark Ages.


If the Deep State can railroad President Trump out of office when in power, they have won, and he will be no more than an irritant when out of power. This, despite his massive popular support, because that support only matters if we live in a democracy. But if Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2021, everything changes.

After a world-historical election fraud, there is no longer any democracy. From that point on, the criminals are in charge: the dictatorship of those that pulled it off. All others are just props and window dressing, Biden and Kamala Harris included. The ones that pulled the heist off will be calling every shot because that heist handed them the power of the executive, all on their side owe the victory to them, and there is plenty of black-mail to go around.

And soon enough, everything will be decided by the outcome of the internal power struggles between cliques wielding blackmail against one another. That will be how political power is decided in this country, should Biden be sworn on January 20, 2021. I think few of us have really wrapped our heads around the new realities we will be living under should that come to pass.


Democrats will try to do everything in their power to stop the America First train. The USA is One Nation Under God, and they can’t stand that. They reject all things good and wholesome, loving the lie and all manner of perversion. We either beat them now or give up all hope of liberty and justice and equality. We still have many avenues to fight that are not violent because we do not force our will on anyone.

But, when the legitimate means of resistance are prevented, we will continue to resist. Pray that it doesn’t come to that. War is not pretty. Pray that the weak-kneed judges grow a pair and that the evil judges are exposed and destroyed. Pray that our God delivers us from this evil. Pray for the safety and health of Trump and his supporters, that he doesn’t falter. Pray that the words of the evil one are seen for what they are lies upon lies. My God can deliver us, but we must do our part and trust Him and obey Him.

Trump leaving office in January will be the death of the Democrat party. Trump will put on full display the corruption that was the 2020 election and the party behind it. He will get his revenge of the Russian hoax, the impeachment, and the rest of the corruption, and it will bring down Obama. The Dems will have a wounded bull elephant on the hands running wild in DC.


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